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......@@ -247,6 +247,14 @@ COPY acp.cls /home/${USER}/texmf/tex/latex/acp.cls
USER root
# Give back control to own user files; might be root-owned from previous copying processes
RUN chown --recursive ${USER}:${USER} /home/${USER}/
# Apply this patch manually until upstream fix is published on TexLive:
# The initial `grep` will eventually fail the build, hence notifying us once the upstream is patched
# and the monkey patch here can be removed.
RUN grep '{ \\protect\\numberline { \\arabic { table } } { \\l__tblr_caption_short_tl } }' $(kpsewhich tabularray.sty) && \
sed --in-place 's/arabic { table }/thetable/' $(kpsewhich tabularray.sty)
# The default parameters to the entrypoint; overridden if any arguments are given to
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