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Update README with more info on git and Docker

Also update links to GitLab repo
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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Chances are that what you seek is already possible with the (many) included pack
and only an example in the cookbook showing how to do it (but no change to the `*.cls`
file) is needed.
## Developing Environment
## Development Environment
The environment for compilation is taken care of by the Docker image as specified in
[the CI config file](.gitlab-ci.yml) (search for the `image` name on
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......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ To make it work for everyone, a
is provided.
It includes all the tools required.
For more info, see the
for the repository.
Outside tools are required for
......@@ -235,21 +235,13 @@ If you have a proper \LaTeX{} distribution, \texttt{bib2gls} and \texttt{biber}
will already be available as commands and ready to be invoked.
The latter means that they are on your \texttt{\$PATH}, \iecfeg{i.e.}\ the path to
the respective binaries are part of the \texttt{\$PATH} environment variable.
In summary, for everything to work, the following has to be installed:
\item \texttt{bib2gls} requires a Java Runtime Environment, which is
\href{}{freely available for personal use},
\item \href{}{InkScape},
\item \href{}{gnuplot}.
For more info, refer to the
\href{}{README section}
For info on what else to install, refer to the
\href{}{README section}
dealing with this.
To compile the entire document from scratch, install those things manually.
To never worry about installing and keeping things in order manually, use the provided
Docker image.
Docker image!
With the prerequisites done, the compilation itself can start.
......@@ -304,5 +296,5 @@ If all of this is embedded into a pipeline on GitLab, your documents are built w
you \texttt{git push} to the remote server (or whenever you configure it to).
It does not get simpler; the downside is of course the lengthier setup, but all of that
is explained in the
Also, the repository itself is a live demonstration where everything is set up already!
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