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...@@ -40,3 +40,8 @@ img_clean = im2uint8(img_clean); ...@@ -40,3 +40,8 @@ img_clean = im2uint8(img_clean);
end end
%by Philip Ansari, Sahra Naser, Maximilian Schmidt %by Philip Ansari, Sahra Naser, Maximilian Schmidt
% You don't match the Matrix A with the pixels in b correctly,
% since col(1:512)=1 and row(1:512)=1:512 but you match this with
% img(1:512,1), thus you match e.g. (x=1)^2+y+c=img(x=1:512,1). (mixing up
% y and x coordinate).
Points for the assignments of week 10
Task : Your points / Achievable points
Ex 9.1: 4/5
Ex 10.1: 5/5
You have achieved 91.5 of 102 points so far.
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