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......@@ -32,16 +32,26 @@
Single Stuck Faults (SSFs):
\item are a common fault in CPUs
\item can alter the result of an executable
\item can cause crashes and silent data corruption
\textbf{Goal:} Find low overhead anomaly detection
\todo{add graphic of a full adder with a SSF and corrupt image}
Single Stuck Faults (SSFs):
\item common fault in CPUs
\item cause application and kernel crashes
\item cause silent data corruption
\textbf{Goal:} Detect SSFs with low overhead.
\caption[Caption for LOF]{Image corruption due to SSFs\protect\footnotemark}
\footnotetext{\tiny Leng, Elena Woo Lai, Mark Zwolinski, and Basel Halak. "Hardware performance counters for system reliability monitoring." 2017 IEEE 2nd IVSW. IEEE, 2017.}
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