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......@@ -4,8 +4,13 @@ Official Gitlab repository for the course [M1432 : Programmierparadigmen](https:
:bell: **Checkout the [news page](./ for continuous information ...**
:new: Exam informations available [here](./exams/sose22). You will also find there the exam subject and solution once the exam is finished.
Also, checkout [the test question API](./ for practice before the exam
:mortar_board: [Exam of Summer Semester 2022](./exams/sose22).
- [test question API](./ for practice before the exam
- [general statitics and feedbacks](exams/sose22/ on exam grades
- [subject](exams/sose22/exam.pdf) and [reference solution](exams/sose22/exam_solution.pdf) are available
- [after-exam evaluation results](exams/sose22/ and [main conclusions](exams/sose22/
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ Number of participants : 57 (70.4% of [exam participants](./
**How did you find the exam in regards to the course's content ?**
![alt text](./q6.svg "Title Text")
![alt text](./img/q6.svg "Title Text")
**If you should give a grade to this lecture (German system), what would it be ?**
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