Commit 946c9580 authored by Jacob Hunecke's avatar Jacob Hunecke
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Replace thesis.ipynb

parent dbe1153c
......@@ -2011,7 +2011,7 @@
"push!(p, plot(ks, help, ylabel=\"SSIM error\"))\n",
"help = (sum(nrmse_RC3D_A5) - sum(nrmse_RC3D_A3))/3\n",
"push!(p, plot(ks, help, ylabel=\"NRMSE error\"))\n",
"plot(p..., layout=(2,1), legend=:none, size=(800,500),bottommargin=8mm, leftmargin=5mm, xlabel=\"frequency components\")"
"plot(p..., layout=(2,1), legend=:none, size=(800,500),bottom_margin=8mm, left_margin=5mm, xlabel=\"frequency components\")"
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