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......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ An additional dependency (see [scikit-sparse](https://scikit-sparse.readthedocs.
is required for the Graph-based SLAM algorithm:
sudo apt-get install libsuitesparse-dev
pip install --user scikit-sparse
Additional dependencies can then be installed using `pip`
......@@ -39,7 +40,7 @@ specified as an additional program parameter:
Note that `config.yaml` is the configuration file especially for the Graph-based SLAM simulation,
where the feature-map with large rectangular obstacles
is used:
The configuration file `config01.yaml` is for the point-like feature-map without any obstacles where the EKFSLAM and FastSLAM are performed in particular:
Alternatively, the simulator can be run using `docker`, as described in [documentation/](documentation/
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