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# LRMI Metadata for GitBooks
## Basic idea
This example shows how LRMI metadata can be added to GitBooks.
As GitBook allows a YAML frontmatter the metadata can be put there. It was decided to put everything under the namespace `lrmi` resulting e.g. in
name: Kapitel 1 Der Hund
type: CreativeWork
- dogs
The information under `lrmi` will be injected into two different template extensions:
### `layout.html`
This file extends the layout of the site by adding a `script` tag to the `<head>` and inject the data from `page.lrmi` in JSON format into it.
{% extends template.self %}
{% block head %}
{{ super() }}
<script type="application/ld+json">
{{ page.lrmi | dump() }}
{% endblock head %}
### `page.html`
The same is done with the data under `lrmi` in the YAML frontmatter of pages.
## How to prepare your GitBook
In order to implement this approach for your GitBook put the folder `_layouts` with the two files included into your file tree.
Add LRMI metadata to the YAML frontmatter in `` in order to describe the GitBook in general.
Add LRMI metadata to the YAML frontmatter in every page.
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