The URI of TUHH Docker Registry changed from "" to "". Please update your gitlab-ci.yml files if you use images from this registry.

Commit 9918f036 authored by Tobias Zeumer's avatar Tobias Zeumer

Search: if nothing is found in map then open discovery with search terms in modal; #27 (and #17)

parent 1aa02590
......@@ -1028,9 +1028,17 @@ function search(input_value) {
var result = find_and_highlight("." + css);
/* @todo Tell user if nothing was found
if (Object.keys(result).length === 0) alert('Nothing found');
// If nothing is found in the map, then open discovery in modal and hope that
// the patron thought that this was the intended use of the search field
if (Object.keys(result).length === 0) {
// Assume intention is title search
let frameHTML = '<h3>' + window.lang.translate('tub.find') + '</h3>';
frameHTML += '<iframe class="modal-iframe" src="'+encodeURI(input_value)+'"></iframe>'
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