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Commit cc459fe5 authored by Tobias Zeumer's avatar Tobias Zeumer

Added link to Campus Map (uMap); #46 #47

parent beeaa2d4
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@
<ul class="main-menu cf">
<li id="menuIconRow">
<a href="." id="link_reload" class="inconizedLink" aria-label=""><svg><use xlink:href="res/symbols.svg#icon-home"></use></svg></a>
<a href="#" id="link_campusmap" class="inconizedLink modal-load-iframe" aria-label="campus map" data-source=""><svg><use xlink:href="res/symbols.svg#icon-map-o"></use></svg></a>
<a href="#" id="link_twitter" class="inconizedLink" aria-label="Tweets by @tubh"><svg><use xlink:href="res/symbols.svg#icon-twitter2"></use></svg></a>
<a href="" id="link_journaltouch" class="inconizedLink" aria-label="JournalTouch"><svg><use xlink:href="res/symbols.svg#icon-noun_journalist_813625"></use></svg></a>
......@@ -611,11 +612,13 @@
<img data-src="" title="Campus TUHH" class="modal-load-img" />
<div class="lng_de">
<p>Unsere Adresse und Anfahrt finden Sie unter <a href="">Adresse</a> auf unserer Website.</p>
<p>Der Campus <a href="">auf OpenStreetmap</a> und <a href=",9.9686626,17.5z">auf Google Maps</a>. Und unser TUHH-eigener Campusplan:</p>
<p>Der <a href="#" class="modal-load-iframe" data-source="">Übersichtsplan des TUHH-Campus (uMap)</a> oder bei <a href=",9.9686626,17.5z">auf Google Maps</a>.</p>
<p>Den <a href="">Übersichtsplan des TUHH-Campus</a> in eigenem Tab öffnen.
<div class="lng_en">
<p>Our address and directions can be found under <a href="">address</a> on our website.</p>
<p>The Campus <a href="">on OpenStreetmap</a> and <a href=",9.9686626,17.5z">on Google Maps</a>. And our TUHH campus plan: </p>
<p>The <a href="#" class="modal-load-iframe" data-source="">Map of the TUHH-Campus (uMap)</a> oder bei <a href=",9.9686626,17.5z">auf Google Maps</a>.</p>
<p>Open <a href="">Map of the TUHH-Campus</a> in new tab.
<dt lang="de" id="title_campusshop" data-lang-token="campusshop">Campus-Shop</dt>
......@@ -75,5 +75,9 @@
<path fill="#000" d="M25.162 6.458c0 0.996-0.807 1.803-1.803 1.803s-1.803-0.807-1.803-1.803c0-0.996 0.807-1.803 1.803-1.803s1.803 0.807 1.803 1.803z"></path>
<path fill="#000" d="M19.077 10.965v5.859c0.089 0.359 0.408 0.621 0.789 0.621s0.7-0.262 0.788-0.616l0.001-0.006v-5.183h0.451v14.332c0.103 0.473 0.518 0.822 1.014 0.822s0.911-0.349 1.013-0.815l0.001-0.007v-8.428h0.451v8.473c0.103 0.473 0.518 0.822 1.014 0.822s0.911-0.349 1.013-0.815l0.001-0.007v-14.287h0.451v5.183c0.089 0.359 0.408 0.621 0.789 0.621s0.7-0.262 0.788-0.616l0.001-0.006v-5.859c0-1.245-1.009-2.254-2.254-2.254v0h-4.056c-1.245 0-2.254 1.009-2.254 2.254v0z"></path>
<symbol id="icon-map-o" viewBox="0 0 32 28">
<path d="M31.563 0.172c0.266 0.187 0.438 0.5 0.438 0.828v22c0 0.406-0.25 0.781-0.625 0.922l-10 4c-0.25 0.109-0.5 0.109-0.75 0l-9.625-3.844-9.625 3.844c-0.125 0.063-0.25 0.078-0.375 0.078-0.203 0-0.391-0.063-0.562-0.172-0.266-0.187-0.438-0.5-0.438-0.828v-22c0-0.406 0.25-0.781 0.625-0.922l10-4c0.25-0.109 0.5-0.109 0.75 0l9.625 3.844 9.625-3.844c0.313-0.125 0.656-0.094 0.938 0.094zM11.5 2.281v19.844l9 3.594v-19.844zM2 5.672v19.844l8.5-3.391v-19.844zM30 22.328v-19.844l-8.5 3.391v19.844z"></path>
\ No newline at end of file
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