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# 2018-01-25
Grundsätzlich immer alles Deutsch und Englisch gemacht
* Gebührenautomat: jetzt "Kassenautomat & Geldwechsel". Text für Geldwechsel ergänzt.
** Hinweis: der Text bricht im Menü um
* Hochschulschriften: jetzte "TUHH Hochschulschriften"
** Anmerkung: im Menü hatte ich noch versehentlich "Dissertationen", wäre aber auch eine mögliche Bezeichnung
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......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@
"RP":"Regional Planning",
"SB":"Town Building",
"SK":"Ship Construction",
"SP":"Town Planning",
"TE":"General Technology",
"TI":"Computer engineering",
......@@ -63,43 +64,43 @@
"menu_specialShelves":"Special Shelves",
"no_mint":"Freshmen Shelf",
"hochschulschriften":"TUHH Theses",
"kifo":"Junior Researchers",
"promo_shelf":"Promotion Shelf",
"sem":"Course Reserve",
"newspapers":"Newspapers & Magazines",
"menu_checkInAndOut":"Checkin & Checkout",
"checkout":"Checkout (Reading Room Books)",
"checkout":"Selfcheck Devices",
"membership":"Library Card",
"ill":"Interlibrary Loan",
"feemaschine":"Fee Maschine & Money Changer",
"closedstack":"Obtain Closed Stack Requests",
"checkin":"Checkin (Reading Room & Closed Stack books",
"sub":"Checkin (SUB HH)",
"locker":"Locker (Key)",
"menu_helpAndInfo":"Help & Information",
"infodesk":"Information desk",
"pc_kiosk":"Kiosk-PC (public)",
"pc_kiosk":"Kiosk-PC (without login)",
"menu_workAndIt":"Working & IT",
"levelchange":"Entry, Lift, Stairs",
"grouproom":"Group Work",
"device_photocopier_coin":"Photocopier (Coins)",
"device_photocopier_card":"Photocopier (Card)",
"device_microfiche":"Microfiche Reader",
"device_monitor":"Monitor (40 Inches)",
"device_pc_tub":"PC (Library)",
"device_pc_cip":"PC (TU)",
"device_pc_cip":"PC (TUHH)",
"tuspeak":"TU:speak rooms",
"subject_location_ls1":"Media on this subject area can be found in reading room 1 and the textbook collection (each on the ground floor).",
"subject_location_ls2":"Media on this subject can be found in reading room 2 (top floor) and the textbook collection (ground floor).",
......@@ -110,7 +111,11 @@
"tgl_poi":"Show POIs",
"campusshop":"Campus Shop",
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