Commit 432e1862 authored by Alexander Povel's avatar Alexander Povel
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Add further auxiliary files to latexmk -C cleanup

Added biber and gnuplot file extensions
parent 02026e31
......@@ -28,7 +28,10 @@ push @generated_exts, 'loe', 'lol';
# that that package generates files of the form "basename-digit.glstex" if
# multiple glossaries are present. Latexmk looks for "basename.glstex" and so
# does not find those. For that purpose, use wildcard.
$clean_ext = "%R-*.glstex";
# Also delete files generated by gnuplot/pgfplots contour plots
# (.dat, .script, .table),
# and XML file generated by biber runs.
$clean_ext = "%R-*.glstex %R_contourtmp*.*";
# Grabbed from latexmk CTAN distribution:
# Implementing glossary with bib2gls and glossaries-extra, with the
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