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Update README with section from YATT

YATT (Yet Another Thesis Template) can now be retired, since that repo is now pretty much a subset of this one here
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......@@ -439,6 +439,35 @@ Hopefully, it spares you some despair.
Here, an auxiliary file got corrupted in an unsuccessful run and simply needs to be
Do this manually or using `latexmk -c`.
- Concerning `glossaries-extra`:
- Using `\glssetcategoryattribute{<category>}{indexonlyfirst}{true}`.
For all items in `<category>`, it is meant to only add the very first reference to
the printed glossary.
If this reference is within a float, this breaks, and nothing shows up in the
'`##2`' column.
The way the document was set up, most symbols are currently affected.
However, in an actual document, it is highly unlikely you will be referencing/using
(with `\gls{<symbol>}`) symbols the first time in floating objects.
Therefore, this problem is likely not a realistic issue.
- In conjunction with `subimport`:
That package introduces a neat structure to have subdirectories and do nested imports
of `*.tex` files.
But that might not be worth it, since it breaks many referencing functionalities in
for example TeXStudio.
More importantly, it seems to cause `glossaries-extra` to no longer recognize
which references have occurred.
We currently call `selection=all` in `\GlsXtrLoadResources` to load all stuff found
in the respective `*.bib` file, regardless of whether it has actually been called
at some point (using `\gls{}` *etc.*).
This is a bit like if `biblatex` did not recognize cite commands and we just pulled
every single item in the bibliography file.
Some people use gigantic `*.bib` files, shared among their projects.
If suddenly every entry showed up in the printed document despite *not* being
referenced (be it a glossary or a bibliography item), chaos would ensue.
# Appendix
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