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New paragraph on omitting print output for sub-glossaries

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......@@ -1050,6 +1050,7 @@ This initially unintuitive approach has several critical advantages:
Alternatively, only the first occurrence can be printed.
\paragraph{Available Commands}
\ctanpackage{glossaries-extra} is already heavily leveraged for this document.
Take a look around the source code for all the details.
For starters, there are a couple of predefined \texttt{*.bib} files, showcased in
......@@ -1119,6 +1120,21 @@ defined as \verb|@symbol{<entry name> ...| in \texttt{subscripts.bib}.
\paragraph{Modifying Print Output}
To use glossary entries but not print them in a glossary, comment out the entire
relevant \verb|\printunsrtglossary| macro where appropriate.
For the index, the relevant command is \verb|\printunsrtindex|.
Some glossary categories, like \emph{Symbols}, have sub\-/categories, like \emph{Roman},
\emph{Greek} and \emph{Other}.
To omit printing a single sub\-/category in the glossaries (but still allow their use
in the document%
The \emph{Other} symbol entries are required for the provided built\-/in math
macros, see \cref{tab:predefined_math_macros}, to work!%
), refer to the \texttt{notprinted} type and the instructions found in the \texttt{*.cls}
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