Commit a4c99ba7 authored by Alexander Povel's avatar Alexander Povel
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Introduce lib/ directory, move STY files and rename

Collect 'implementation details' files to lib/, clearing up
the repository and bundling them nicely.
They should not be seen/touched by normal users of the template.

This loses the *.sty, aka LaTeX package functionalities, since
packages cannot be in subdirectories, but that is not a big
loss at all here.
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......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
% Translations for somewhat automatic internationalization
\RequirePackage{scrhack}% Fixes for packages incompatible with KOMA features
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@
% Custom package with style/language definitions:
% Colors for escaped, normal LaTeX in code environments
\ProvidesPackage{listings-languages}% Same as filename
% File to define listings style for various languages
% File to define listings style for various languages: Python, Modelica and Matlab.
% Save for Modelica, these are already available in the base listings package,
% but in a very basic and/or outdated version.
% Therefore, extend functionality here; this has been submitted to the maintainer of
% the listings package and is currently being implemented (WIP).
% Once and if that is done, the below keyword definitions can be removed
% (but not the style definitions, colors etc.).
\RequirePackage{listings}% Base package
This diff is collapsed.
\ProvidesPackage{cookbook-translations}% Same as filename
% Providing localization that are not automatically covered by polyglossia.
% The commands are provided by KOMAscript.
% Maintaining the list is not the easiest, but currently likely the best approach.
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