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Add new glossary type 'notprinted'

Still allows usage of the defined entries in the loaded bib file, but omits from printing to the glossaries
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......@@ -1692,6 +1692,19 @@
% Create the rest manually.
% For example, in the case of symbols, there are three groups: roman, greek and
% other.
% If the 'other' sub-glossary is used (it provides the built-ins like
% \mean, \vect, \deriv, ...) but is NOT supposed to be printed in the PDF glossary,
% it is assigned to the following glossary type.
% The glossary is printed using \printunsrtglossary with a `type=<entry type>`
% keyword specified, which would also print the 'other' entries, since they are of
% type 'symbols' as well. Only by assigning a different type altogether is this
% circumvented. This does not impact using the commands and the defined entries using
% \sym{<entry name>}, since that is provided by the 'label-prefix', not the 'type'.
% Analogue procedures apply to all glossaries.
\newglossary*{notprinted}{Non-printed entries}% Title never occurs anyway!
% New Glossary 'fields'
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