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Resolve "Automate smoke and performance testing"

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Closes #83 (closed)

This MR adds a GitLab pipeline to this project 🎉. The pipeline automatically runs every time someone pushes to a merge request.

The pipeline runs in this Docker container. The Docker image was created with the Dockerfile at Scilab-RL/Docker/Dockerfile.

The pipeline is defined in the .gitlab-ci.yml. We cache the pip cache so that we do not have to re-download the packages every time the pipeline runs. Then we set up the project and run the smoke and performance tests.

Refactored the smoke and performance tests to raise an AssertionError when they fail. This way they return an exit code of 1 and the pipeline fails (as it should). They also now run the commands with xvfb-run -a so that they don't fail when no display is available.

Created which runs either the specified performance tests (currently selected) or all performance tests.

Mentioned the pipeline in the Smoke tests, Perf. tests and Create a copy of sac and start modifying it tutorials.

Right now the timeout for the runner is 1h. Therefore I shortened the smoke tests so that everything runs within the 1h.

Other changes:

  • removed matplotlib as it was not used
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