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Metric and environment animation are out of sync

Jan Dohmen requested to merge sync-metrics-and-animation into devel

See #121 (closed)

  • display and record schedule are changed as discussed in #118 (closed) (first episode of the nth branch)
  • environment and metric animation are in sync
  • recording of the metric animation (for multiple metrics) works
  • the location of recorded metric animations moved to the logger directory -- were also the environment recordings and the stored models are
  • settings for metric recording are changed (videos are smaller, similar to the environment recordings)

As this Merge request addresses some bigger changes in the whole metric animation structure which was developed according to #104 (closed), it would be good if it is reviewed before merging to devel. I am just doing the merge request now, because I will be available only very little during the Christmas break, and maybe someone wants to build on top of the changes. If that's not the case, no problem, then we can talk about it in the new year.

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